NAEYC Accreditation Help

The process of NAEYC accreditation can be a stressful one. A lot of work has to go into portfolios and documentation. But, if you implement activities that meet accreditation standards in your curriculum throughout the year, when accreditation time comes you will be prepared and not have to stress out so much about it.


I’m currently going through my 3rd NAEYC accreditation. I’ve been at a different school each time I was involved in the process, two of them were doing their initial accreditation.

You know what’s hard about accreditation? Figuring out what fits into the standards that are age appropriate for your children. To add to that stress, if you watch the example videos and activities provided by the NAEYC for accreditation purposes, you can’t use them in your classroom.

As I’m going through accreditation again, I thought it might be useful to some of you out there to see how some simple classroom activities, that already are a part of my curriculum, can be used for accreditation purposes. As I share my ideas and projects that we are doing, I will make an effort to explicitly tell you which standard they fulfill. This way, if you choose to implement some of my class curriculum in your classroom, you can show your director and accreditation assessors how the activities fulfill a standard.

Take some deep breaths, we can do this!