Writing Ignoring Aiming



I’ve been writing a lot lately. Just not publishing yet. I have had a lot on my mind and have gotten to a point where I’m starting to feel comfortable sharing more of my experiences with those around me. Keep an eye here on the blog for more about living with an autoimmune disease, sewing, preschool teaching and toddler momming.


Last week some criticism of my parenting was passed to me. I know the people involved and now that I’ve had time to process it, I feel like it really was a big misunderstanding on the part of the person who relayed the info to me. It was a hard lesson to learn, to move on and ignore the negativity that others may spread, intentionally or unintentionally, for whatever reason. I’ve moved on and am happily living my life knowing that I am doing my best and no-one else can know the whole story or see the whole pictures of me and my husband as parents.


What I am always aiming for. Goals. I’ve got a teaching schedule set through October and am excited for it. I’m aiming for sold out classes and private lessons. I’m aiming for a specific income from sewing only. A high goal that I expect to take a few months to achieve- but it’s there.

I’m aiming for what I believe is the best for my family and myself.