In the past, I have been known to compulsively and obsessively knit socks. They were super warm for the cold Utah winters, and fall, and spring. And were comfortable in all types of shoes, especially my cowboy boots.

Vanilla Reversed Speckle.jpg

However, since moving to Tennessee, I haven’t really knit any socks. And after having the baby, I never really felt cold enough to wear some.

I recently cleared out a lot of my excess, and with it went every hand knit sock pair except for one. And I stared at my sock drawer and thought, “Maybe I should knit a pair.”

Thanks to Jasmin and Gigi at The Knitmore Girls, I had a pattern I really wanted to try. Vanilla is the New Black. Thankfully there was a toe up version, Vanilla Reversed, because I am a toe up kind of lady when it comes to socks. It’s just easier for me to get the fit right.

I’ve got the first one halfway done, and am already planning what yarn to use for the next pair. Stay tuned!