Knitting a Sweater: What to do before you start

In our last post NaKniSweMo was explained. Before diving deep into the things you need to have a successful NaKniSweMo, there’s one thing that I think you should work on this month.


UFOs, PHDs, and Wips.

Yep, all of them if possible.

I’ve been working on decluttering my life, and a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders was to focus on all of those half done projects, frogging or finishing, and waiting to cast on any new shiny pattern before I had one or two other projects off the rotation. It’s my personal experience that having all the little odds and ends taken care of before embarking on a larger journey/project helps clear you up mentally, emotionally and physically.

You won’t be spending next month worrying about getting that hat done, or if those legwarmers that have been languishing will ever see the light of day again. Take care of them. Now. ASAP.

See you in a few days with our next step: Deciding What to Do: Part One