About Jaq


Hey everyone!

I’m Jaq, a full time working mom of one beautiful little stinker. We are a Blue Family (police officer husband) with a K9 officer in our household.

I often feel like I’m the only woman out there working full time, with my child in daycare, and still wanting to be involved in mom groups, play dates, and all that fun that I was able to do when I was at home. Do ya feel me here?

I started this blog to hopefully connect with other mamas out there who need a good girlfriend to hang out with, laugh and cry with, and watch make epic disasters so you can laugh your heads off. We might find some successes in the mix too. Above all, I want to help you on your journey as a woman, mom, sister, aunt, whatever.

Got an idea for me to try out? Want to know more about something? Need help with a project?

Let me know! I love hearing feedback and getting ideas from my readers. It helps me feel like I’m helping out other ladies out there who need a good girlfriend to help them out in their day to day life.

Love you all!

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